The Kincardineshire Foxhounds


Review of 2005/2006 Season

by Richard Holman-Baird,Huntsman 20/4/2006




Yet again we have had a successful season, although we lost several days in March due to the heavy snow. More Estates are using hounds year on year and more people new to hunting are coming out with us for the first time.


Although we are somewhat short of hounds at the moment, what we do have hunts well and cope better with all the ‘riot’ ( mainly deer ) that we have in Aberdeenshire.

Hopefully, we will be able to draft in some more hounds from larger Hunts, who support our efforts, in the autumn.

Tynedale Foxhounds Visit

I would like to thank Frank Houghton Brown for bringing his hounds ( and supporters ) to visit us in March. Although we were slightly hampered by the snow, I hope that they enjoyed their stay and it was certainly interesting for us to see another pack in operation.

It is vital to our long-term wellbeing that other Hunts experience what we do, so that they feel confident to draft us suitable hounds for the future.


With the likely advent of avian influenza in the UK sometime next winter, let us all hope that this will not affect our ability to use hounds in the countryside and that our colleagues in the shooting community will not find their sport curtailed too much.


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